Keep your business stocked with leading chemicals from our company in Belle Chasse, LA. At Gulf Coast Oil & Supply we work tirelessly to ensure you only have the best products to choose from to keep your operation running like a well-oiled machine.

Our Chemicals 

As we are committed to moving your company forward, we take pride in offering you industry-leading chemicals and lubricants that meet the highest standards of quality. Specializing in carrying products for automotive fleets, repair shops, retailers and wholesalers. Our inventory features:

• Solvents
• Degreasers
• Aerosol Cleaners
• Machinery Treatments
• Freight Parts Cleaners
• Pour-in Engine Treatments




Techron Fuel Treatments

Brake Parts Cleaner, Degreasers, Carb Cleaner, Penetrants, Starting Fluid and Various Aerosol Chemicals

Fuel and oil Treatments

HDEO, Conventional & Synthetic


Mercury Quicksilver Outboard TC-W3

WD-40 Lubricants and 3 in1 Oil Sea Foam Motor Treatment, Bugs B Gone, Trans Tune and Deep Creep Oil and Fuel Treatments

Complete line of Havoline products

Marvel Mystery Oil, Treatment

Sealants, Gasket Makers, Adhesives and Chemicals Liquid Wrench Marvel Mystery Oil, Treatment


Treatments and Chemicals Krylon Primers and Paints Adhesives

Motor Oils, Industrial & Hydraulic Oils ATF, Gear Oils & Greases 2 Cycle & Outboard Oils, Antifreeze

Motor Oils, ATF, Gear Oils Greases, 2 Cycle & Outboard Oils Antifreeze, Filters

Oil Stabilizer, Treatments, Gear Oils Greases

Oils, Treatments,Chemicals, Cleaners, Conditioners, Stabilizers & Sealers

Chemicals,Treatments, Cleaners and Grease


HDEO, Conventional & Synthetic


Stop Leak Additives Car Care Products Chemicals and Treatments



 Degreasers, Bio Degreasers, Aluminum Brite 

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